Equipment & Vehicle Finance

Finance Lease: Preferred by private companies who like to acquire the asset at the end of the lease by offering to pay the pre-determined “residual” value. Terms, residuals and rental frequency can be structured to suit a client’s specific cashflow requirements, or to maximize tax benefits during the lease period

Operating Lease: Larger corporates and Government departments favour Operating Leases as they are treated as an “operating” rather than a “capital” expense. i.e. equipment can be acquired against an operating budget without the need to obtain capital expenditure approval. Both the asset and liability remain off the balance sheet, which leaves gearing ratios intact.

Chattel Mortgage / Hire Purchase: Chattel Mortgage and Hire Purchase (also known as Asset Purchase) are usually preferred by private companies who like to ultimately own their equipment. These facilities often suit cashflow as a GST input credit is still available even though the asset has not been fully paid for. Fixed rate structures are available over terms of up to 5 years.

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Equipment & Vehicle Finance

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